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After over a year of suffering from sciatica pain with risky surgery the only conventional treatment option, I turned to trigger point (TrP) therapy and it's been nothing less than a miracle! Jen is a knowledgeable and dedicated TrP practitioner who not only zeroes in on and resolves the myofascial issues, but also shares that knowledge by promoting self-care and maintenance routines that anyone can easily follow. As of today my sciatica is GONE!

When I get twinges I revisit the TrP skills I learned through Jen and the resources she recommended and, poof, they're gone in a heartbeat!

I'm even using it on other body parts -- it works wonders!! No more knee pain, foot pain, shoulder pain, repetitive stress wrist and arm pain, you name it, TrP works for me and that's in no small part due to the care and treatment I received from Jen. She's the best!

- Machelle A.

Jennifer Liu is a rare find! When I went looking for a therapist knowledgable about trigger points and their referral patterns as pioneered by Drs.Travell and Simons, I was lucky enough to locate Jennifer. She is a gifted, thorough and persistent practitioner. Over several visits, she searched out and treated the primary sources of pain and dysfunction in my shoulder and arm. It was not long before I regained a full range of motion.
She also showed me techniques for self care to help myself at home. Her explanations are simple and her demonstrations easy to follow. But when I don't get it, she patiently and pleasantly shows me again.

Even though I am now free of the acute pain and dysfunction that sent me to Jennifer, I am continuing to work with her on some other, more long-standing imbalances laid down over decades of bodily wear and tear. I'm learning which habits are hard on my body and trying to develop more beneficial ones. With her positive energy and her in-depth knowledge of muscles and how to release their trigger points, Jen is a wonderful guide for this work. I recommend her highly.

- Joan B.

Jennifer is a very friendly, professional and thorough therapist. She explains everything. After the first session,you already feel a great relief. I definitely plan to return for follow-up therapy. I would highly recommend her expertise and know how. Excellent care.

- Mustapha T.

Jen is just great; she is not only highly skilled but also friendly and very professional. I have had chronic neck and upper back pain for 10 years now and trigger point therapy is the only treatment that helps (and I have tried every other treatment available out there from chiropractors, regular massages, ayurveda, acupuncture, you name it!).

I have seen Jen for a few weeks now and we are still working on my condition (and sure it takes time, I wasn't expecting to get rid of my 10 year lasting pain in a few sessions) but every time I see her I feel better and my feeling is that overall I am definitely improving. Plus she won't only get rid of your immediate pain but also will work on looking for perpetuating factors that cause the pain and also teach you self care techniques so you can have an active part on your healing process too.

- Andrea F.

Jennifer Liu has a thorough knowledge of muscles and their affect on the body. She is kind, enthusiastic, and competent. I would totally recommend her to anyone who wants to try trigger point therapy.

- Judith D.